We are thrilled to release our campaign’s four-page overview today! Over the next couple weeks, this print-out will be sent to key leaders in Hennepin County District 6.

Give this overview a read!

As the final page of this handout states:

Serving as a Hennepin County Commissioner will allow me to continue to work on the issues I focused on during my career of volunteer and legislative service. Whether it was infrastructure investment and expanding Interstate 494, reducing teen smoking and fighting the growth of vaping among our teens, or helping our community deal with mental health challenges and reducing teen suicides, the work I have already done has prepared me to tackle many of the issues facing our county. I’m proud of my record of public service and the reputation I’ve earned as a leader who practices the politics of inclusion and civility. With your support I hope to continue the at work on the Hennepin County board.

I hope to earn your support!