The Importance of Early Voting

If you’ve already decided who has your support, early voting is a great tool for you. You don’t need to wait until primary day, you can cast your vote right now. Minnesota makes it easy to avoid the lines and crowds and support your candidate today. Click the button below to vote early today!

Who It Helps:

Early voting is not just about convenience. Yes, it does help you avoid the lines. Yes, it does reduce stress. 

But for millions of Americans, it is the only way voting is possible. If you know you want to support your Hennepin County community, but can’t make it to a polling station on primary day because you are stuck at work, have childcare commitments, are confined to the hospital, or any other reason, take advantage of this opportunity to exercise your right as a free citizen. 

Our incredible county system closely touches on the lives of its constituents. Make sure that your voice is heard. Hennepin County is better when everyone can contribute. 

I strongly encourage you to vote early today, and to share this page with anyone who might need it.